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Msn Cool Nicks
To the world u might b one person but to one person u might b the World®
dOn'T mAk3 EffoRts tO tOucH mY sOu|, i'vE lOcKeD mY hEarT & |0sT dA k3Y iN a wELL oF TeaRs.....:
wen life is a challenge accept it. wen life is a problem solve it. Wen life is a game play it. wen life is a journey complete it. But remember... life is what make it!
He knew more about anyone or anything than anything or anyone knew about everyone and everything.
You Know I'm so COOL and SWEET, when people see me they jump outta their seat!
Life's too short for chess.
I had a girlfriend her name was grace, she broke my heart, I broke her face!
Parents are annoying... but they give you money!
Children are a poor mans wealth.
I arrive late to work and make up for it by leaving early.

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